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Five Health Problems Dogs Faces Due To Fleas

Originally posted By Jalpa Gajjar Suthar – here

Your furry friend is scratching more than normal. This indicates that your dog might be suffering from a flea allergy. A lot of scratching and itching can be hurting and painful for your dog. But before you blame flea allergy for your dog’s growing discomfort, it is important that you do little research.

The symptoms of the flea bites include:

  • The skin becomes itchy and scratching it becomes sore and painful
  • Hair loss especially in the areas of scratching
  • Constantly chewing the skin
  • Red irritated skin
  • Abnormal biting
  • Pale gums
  • Red boils

Understand What Are Fleas?

When you inspect your dog skin you will find dark, tiny insects that are smaller than ants. The groin and armpits areas are the favorite places where fleas flourishes. They develop and multiply in warm and protected areas.

Flea bites are the tiny parasites that feed on the blood of your pet. There are more than 2200 flea species in the world, but mostly the flea ticks are found in dogs. Apart from dogs, flea allergies are found in cats, wolves, raccoons, foxes, and rabbits.

Flea issues aren’t limited to scratching and itching of the skin, your dog faces several issues due to flea such as:

  • Dog flea allergy dermatitis

Mostly the flea bites will cause boils on the skin. But, if your dog is sensitive to the flea’s saliva, your pet will be always scratching. Hence, the area gets sore and might develop welts on the skin. The best way to avoid flea problems in pets is to regularly maintain their hygiene also, there are over-the-counter medicines available.

  • Anemia

Fleas feed on the blood. Your dog can become anemic from the flea bites. Fluctuating body temperature, pale gums, lethargy, and not feeling hungry are some of the key symptoms to found if your dog has become anemic because of flea bites. Furthermore, this can lead to severe health complications. Make sure that your dog is getting rich nutrients by providing daily vitamins. Check with the vet to immediately stop the flea allergy in the dog.

  • Tapeworms

Tapeworm problem arises when your dog swallows the flea from chewing and licking the skin. It is a type of parasite, that flourishes in your dog’s intestinal tract and feeds on your pet’s nutrients. In such cases, do not wait around and take your pet to the vet immediately.

  • HotSpots

Continuously scratching and itching can cause the skin to develop hotspot on your dog’s skin. It is important that you bathe your dog with anti-bacterial shampoos that are easily available. Your vet too will prescribe medication to help reduce itching and pain.

  • Bartonella infection

Bartonella infection occurs when your dog is mauled by the flea carrying parasites. The common symptoms are vomiting, fever, diarrhea, swelling in the skin, and seizures. The infection is believed to be dangerous and requires immediate check-up from a vet.

Closing Thoughts

It is equally important to keep your carpeted areas clean. Simply medicating your dog and bathing, but if you are not regularly cleaning your bedding, carpets, furniture you are back to square.

Flea allergy in dogs is certainly trouble for you and your pet. Therefore, make sure to treat the problem at the earliest. These pests may be tiny but they cause a lot of pain and health problems to your pet. Save your furry friend by taking the necessary steps to cure fleas problems.

Save your furry friend by taking the immediate steps to cure fleas problems. These insects may be tiny in size but makes your dog uncomfortable and acute situations painful.

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